All prints are ordered using ProDPI, a high end printshop that is trusted among the most serious photographers. Prints can be ordered in both color and black and white, and can be selected in the client’s album proof screen.

Once your order is place, I will make final adjustments to the image and crop, and send to ProDPI to be printed. Expect 1-2 weeks delivery time from final submission.

ProDPI offers several format types, but I have contracted with the lab to offer two specific formats, Lustre and Pearl:

Lustre: Fuji Lustre is where I think all images need to get their start. This is helpful for several reasons. One, lustre can handle a wide variety of image types, whether they be color, neutral, contrasty or soft; and two, lustre can be a great indicator of whether or not a different paper type would be of greater benefit to the final printed product for a certain image.  Let’s say you have an image with a lot of contrast, this does display well on Fuji Lustre due to the nice low D-max.

Pearl: For the images that need that little more impact Fuji Pearl would be something to consider. Pearl has a great dynamic range, and looks stellar with black and white images. In addition, unlike a lustre surface, Pearl can really give life and pop to bright colors, something we see a lot of in kids portraits. Pearl will look best behind glass and works nicely with high saturation photographs.

In addition to Lustre and Pearl I can also order Deep Matte (smooth paper which gives a gentle and soft feeling to images) and Metallic (high gloss finish of the Fuji Pearl paper, but shows off detail in a crisper fashion). Please let me know if you are interested in either format before placing an order.



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